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Clare College, Cambridge I was born in Sheffield in 1975. After moving to Peterborough, I spent most of my school years as a day pupil at Laxton School, Oundle, during which time my main enjoyment came from sport and music. I studied Natural Sciences at Clare College, Cambridge, specialising in chemistry, the fourth year of which involved an organic synthesis as part of research by the Goodman group.


Exeter College logoSince 2002 I have lived in Exeter, working in a variety of contexts including IT, chemistry teaching and advice work for Age Concern. During 2008-9 I completed a PGCE at Exeter University, which involved teaching 16-18 yr olds and adults in IT and chemistry at Exeter College. Since then I have taught chemistry, IT and maths at Exeter College and privately. During this time I have also completed a diploma in statistics.



Teaching Experience:james mungall

Chemistry tutor in Cambridge, London and Exeter (1999-present)

Chemistry, ICT and maths teaching at Exeter College (2008-2011)

Chemistry teacher at Mander Portman Woodward 5th & 6th form college, Cambridge.(1999-2000)




Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Exeter University, 2009

Additional Diploma in Teaching Numeracy, 2010

Graduate Diploma in Statistics, Royal Statistical Society, 2017, distinction

Master of Natural Sciences (chemistry), Cambridge University, 1999, 2:1